Monday, May 8, 2017

What do you want to be when you grow

Good morning, good evening and good night. It's good to back!

I've spent years working with middle school age youth and great learners, teachers, leaders, career and guidance counselors, HR. and all its forms and functions. I've have artists, academics, school administrators, amazing GED instructors and super stars from private and public organizations that have created a Youth Business Project like no other.

When a student asks me what to answer the "what do you want to be.." question, I tell them to say "I wanna be me!" After a smirk or a grin we sit down and have a brief conversation about taking apart the question and discussing what is possible if you're need to learn and you want to earn.

About 20yrs ago my friend T. Wayne Gatewood and a roomful of young students and parents met and introduced our first youth street crew("kids at work") and jump started with a youth lawn service with a group of  kids that completed an interview process and agreed in writing to commit to the first "learn and earn" program. 
That is the official beginning of years of research, demonstration programs, assessment and evaluation, action research, writing original curriculum design and instructional strategy.
Do check in to discover the concepts, breakthroughs and cutting edge ideas that are the bedrock of

Academic Skillz and TeamStreet youth crew.

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