Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HeroTown is alive and well

Way back in March of 2006 I posted my first HeroTown story. I decided to hop in the get back machine and pick up the trail , it was the first day of Spring three years back and I will deliver an installment once a week until I stop.

I am re- posting the original story and include two more this week because as De La Soul says "three is a magic number, yes it is... it's a magic number."
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Secret Origin
A young couple driving from the East coast to California to start a family and anew life. The woman is in the third tri-mester of her pregnancy and after many hours on the road the car brakes down near Zanesville, Ohio. They use their last coins to fix the car and the man drops his pregnant girlfriend in Columbus to receive proper medical care and support while he sets up a home in California.

The women has a healthy red-haired son she names Christopher and moves in with family through Catholic Social Services. The women waits to be contacted by her betrothed and waits and waits...

With a heavy heart, the woman puts the infant for adoption because she feels that she does not have the means to provide for the child. After a short time in foster care the boy is adopted by a couple who live in Columbus, Ohio.

The boy named Christopher grows up to be Community Action Hero David Yorka who attends school in Columbus at The Ohio State University. David spends the next two decades working in homeless shelters, housing projects, and developing a fascination with Career Formation and a passion for innovative solutions to eradicating poverty.

David unwraps his gift with the help of many wise mentors and associates. David utilizes his superpowers of vision, insight, compassion and creativity to work with others seeking to unwrap their gift. "SUPER POWERS ACTIVATE"
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