Man of Steel


Man of Steel There is a re-re-boot of the "orignal" Movies (starting with Christopher Reeves as Clark Kent/Superman.) Recently DC/WB updated the Comic Book Icon  released Superman .... The Batman Trilogy came to a close as The Avengers, Iron Man II and a new re-boot of Marvel darling Spiderman emerged after a recent three movie upgrade. Don't look know because Iron Mann III is blasting at the box office, The Man of Steel is flying in this summer as Captain America is busy(in the neighborhood I am writing from) working his way to the screen and Spidey is hangin until the the Fall. … [Read more...]

Super Powers and Getting Things Done

Object-based powers: Your power objects? Your self-management system's tools, of course! (You can find a nice list here.) These tools enable your productivity powers, including capture, calendar, lists, and filing. Unlike superheros, they're not enough by themselves. (No, that's a trap set by our arch-nemesis - GadgetBrain!) Mutation: Here it's the ability to evolve your methods, tools, and perspective as needed. This is important because everything's in flux - your mind, your work, and the business and physical worlds. People from the Lean world talk about continuous improvement, AKA kaizen … [Read more...]

Home Town Heroes


SuperVision  is a site dedicated to the heroic effort it takes to make a living while making meaning. Worthwhile Magazine's tag line is "purpose, passion & profit" --that really nails my mission to the wall. Prompted by a wise idea guy I am presenting a series of Columbus, Ohio "Hometown Heroes" their superpowers (we all have them) a exceptional person that is a mentor in the development of those talents. All Heroes are from Columbus or claim it as home. I am excited to learn more about our local heroes. superhero: a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers; … [Read more...]